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Avalon Grab & Go Drop-in Units

Avalon Grab & Go drop-in units

Avalon Grab & Go drop-in units

Avalon Grab & Go drop-in units bring the convenience of instant self-service to any retail or catering establishment. Chilled food and drinks can be dispensed quickly from a compact and convenient counter top unit that combines reliable temperature control with attractive illuminated merchandising.

Operating temperature 4/8°C

Avalon Maxi Grab & Go self-service display cases

Coffee shops, high street cafés, sandwich shops and many other outlets require flexible and convenient Grab & Go multi-deck display cases as an essential part of any successful retail or catering scheme.

The Avalon Maxi Grab & Go selection from QED has many features that make it superior to ordinary self-service dairy cases.

  • The cases are configured so that extracted warm air is discharged from the top rather than the back of the unit. This allows it to be positioned flush to the wall and saves valuable floor space
  • There is a built-in storage section below the shelving so that food and drinks can be replenished promptly and easily
  • All surfaces can be quickly wiped clean
  • There is a reliable operating temperature of 4/8°C
  • The units have optional widths of 800, 1200 or 1600 mm, enabling the construction of compact or expansive modular displays
Avalon Maxi Grab & Go self-service display cases
Avalon Mini Grab & Go self-service display cases

Avalon Mini Grab & Go self-service display cases

This compact and versatile display case is suitable for smaller high street outlets where space is limited or as an additional piece of food merchandising for larger catering operations, such as roadside services or buffet restaurants.

It has a reduced height of 1400 mm but still has 3 individually refrigerated and LED-illuminated shelf tiers to maximise food and drink displays.

Other features include:

  • Choice of fixed feet or castors for easy relocation around the premises
  • Night roller blind to protect food and reduce energy consumption
  • Consistent operating temperature 4/8°C

All the Grab & Go refrigerated display cases from QED are available to order separately or can be planned into a complete modular scheme.

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