Serve-over, Self-service and Patisserie Counters

QED offers an unrivalled selection of classic and contemporary serve-over, self-service and patisserie counters for coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, leisure centres, patisseries and many other similar outlets. 

They are available in a range of sizes for large and small schemes, in straight or curved glass designs and in a wide selection of wood effect or coloured lacquer finishes, with the option of anodized metallic trims. 

The counters provide a choice of refrigerated, heated or ambient versions depending on the types of food and drinks to be displayed. In addition, they can be combined with standard sized food service equipment such as storage refrigerators, sinks, bottle coolers, glass and dishwashers. 

As well as the standard counters, there are also drop-in counter top units and mobile coffee carts for complete flexibility of design and presentation.

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