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Quality Equipment Distributors, established in 2008 is a leading UK distributor of coffee shop display systems, refrigerated counters, back bar refrigeration, modular bar and shelving systems, retail refrigeration equipment, catering refrigeration equipment, cold rooms and many other retail and catering appliances for food service displays and spot merchandising.

Our principle product range is the exclusive Continental Bar and Coffee Shop Display System. This unique, high quality modular system offers caterers and restaurateurs the benefits of a custom-designed display scheme, without the high expense of bespoke shop fitting.

The Continental Coffee Shop System is a selection of refrigerated and ambient display cases, combined with bar and counter modules for coffee shops, wine bars or restaurants.

It is available in a range of wood veneer finishes and a large selection of module sizes. In addition, there are gold or aluminium frames and polished stainless steel decorative panels that offer both a stunning visual impact and a hard wearing surface.

The system includes display shelving for the back bar area, where there are also mirror panels and down lighting to create the most spectacular display schemes.

There are seven separate coffee shop display schemes, each of which can be supplied in a selection of wood veneer, coloured laminate and granite worktop finishes, making an almost unlimited range of possibilities.

As well the Continental system, QED also supplies the UK- built Avalon range, the Italian Deblasi range and a selection of modular counters and stainless steel food service equipment under the Genfrost brand.

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