The Avalon Servery System

The Avalon servery system, which is made in the UK, has the same design features as the Avalon coffee shop system, with a range of styles that are consistent with traditional or contemporary settings.

The Avalon counter modules are enhanced by a large selection of convenient drop-in display units for hot, chilled or ambient food presentation, using industry-standard Gastronorm modules for all round compatibility.

Avalon servery modules are available in standard lengths or can be customised for cafes and restaurants requiring a bespoke scheme.

Like all Avalon counters, they include the latest refrigeration and heating technology, with convenient under counter storage and a huge selection of front wood effect and coloured lacquer finishes.

And just like other QED display systems, the Avalon servery system can be combined with refrigerated back bar storage refrigerators, back bar bottle coolers, glass frosters, glass & dish washers, tables, sinks and waste disposal units for a total food service experience.

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