Eau de Vie multi-tap system


Multi-tap 1

Multi tap 2

The innovative multitap has been specially designed to provide instant boiling water. As well the finest filtered, chilled, still and sparkling water - all from a single and stylish dispensing tap.

The distinctive range of multitap products are carefully specified to customers’ requirements, providing the most energy efficient, simple and sophisticated look for offices, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and many other locations.

multitap - connecting you to water

Provides multiple chilled, hot, still & sparkling dispense points all from a single master unit.
Removes the need to install individual water systems in several locations of a building.
Dispenses water from any number of points to multiple floors as required.
Boiling water requires compact boiler at each dispense point.
Continually re-circulates the filtered water to avoid dead legs and eliminate stagnant water at any point.
Dispense point options - choose from the stylish multitap or a range of bar-style taps suitable for bottling.
Increased efficiency against individual units, up to 55% less energy consumption.
Up to 45% more cost effective than individual units.
Bespoke installation to ensure optimum flow at all points.


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